Monday, July 1, 2013

{Quilt #1}

I realize this blog post will make this blog about 4 years out of date/order, but I'll catch up on the last 4 years another day. ;) Here's simply a post about quilting, now that my first "real" quilt is done! :)

It all started with my MIL inviting me to CA for a week long quilting retreat (I promise to blog about this later as well, it was a wonderful, fun week)! I had heard about these and wanted to go, but I've never had time in my schedule (not to mention, absolutely ZERO experience in quilting...easy sewing projects, sure! A couple small baby gifts, maybe! A quilt!? Not hardly). However, after working 60+ hr weeks during tax season, I had accumulated enough time off to make it happen in November 2012. I was terribly sad to leave behind the hubby and pup, Tucker, but hubby had a surprise project for me (another blog post for another day) so he planned to be as busy as I knew I would be, and the time really did FLY by (but I did miss him...and Tucker)!

So the quilting process started by picking a pattern/idea for the quilt. I searched online, and finally decided on a Raw Edge Circle Quilt I found and fell in love with on Pinterest. Here's the picture of the one I loved:

Thankfully, that picture came with a very detailed blog tutorial as well! :)

Next was picking out the fabric. I can't remember how many different fabric patterns or yards of fabric I ended up with -I do remember the calculations making my head spin ;) - but it was pretty fun picking out the fabric! Most of the fabric is from Moda's "Oh Deer" collection, and a few other collections from Moda. I think maybe one or two were from something besides Moda. 

Here are some of the fabrics I chose for the quilt; 
fresh from the quilting shop!

First step, cutting out the squares and circles (I did this and the step below before leaving for CA to be a little ahead of the game)! 

Next, sew the circles onto the squares. Mix and match the fabrics... (this was extremely different for this "right-brained" accountant!!) ;)

Once all the circles are sewn on the squares, cut into sections of 4. 

  Then, mix and match the small squares to make one large square (4 pieces). This was one of the most difficult parts for me, because you wanted them to be mixed up as best as possible, and there were SO many options!! Thankfully, we had the wall to help as a visual. I must have spent HOURS getting this *just* right! Once you have them grouped together like you want, sew them together.

Getting advice from one of the most creative women I've ever met (more about this later)!!

Sewing the small squares together.

Finally getting the rows started!! This is when I could finally see progress being made! :)

Once each of the strips were sewn together, then you sew each row together, (see below) which almost makes the complete quilt top!

Borders and cornerstones were next. 

THEN! :) I sent the quilt topper to the quilter! She did a wonderful job!!! It was custom quilting for the center because each circle is a raw edge. I was so impressed with her work I was almost in tears when I received the package back. Here's a link to her website: Sew Shabby Quilting I highly recommend her!

Finally, the binding. My least favorite part to complete, but it is definitely's a great project for long car trips, I must add, though! ;) I didn't get any pictures of this part, but I pieced a bunch of my straps together to make the 2" binding (next time I will do 2.5"). This helped use a lot of the fabric I had remaining and adds a variety of color around the border. The hand stitching was my least favorite task on this project. I'm not skilled in hand stitching and it felt like FOREVER to get this last portion done. I will likely try machine binding next time...or at least a long car ride to do nothing but hand stitch! :)

After the wash, the raw edges really show up! :)

I can't finish this blog without a HUGE thanks to my hubby, MIL, Tim's cousin Lisa, and all the women at the quilting retreat as well as the ones at my local quilt shop, Thread Bear Fabrics, who helped me through this entire process. I had a lot of "hand holding" but was glad for all the input and advice to complete this without pulling my hair out! It was a lot of fun, I learned a LOT, and I'm looking forward to the next one. Hopefully it won't take 9 months to complete!! ;)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

3 Days 'til Closing!

We are set to close on Thursday!! Packing is going...pretty good. I'm so thankful for a helpful hubby! Even after working over 40 hours last week, he still came home each night to help me pack up. Just a few more odds & ends to pack up and we'll be ready!

Went out to the house yesterday to get some pictures for our insurance agent, so I decided to post some more. These are just a couple of the outside of the house, as that's all the agent needs, AND we couldn't get in the house (obviously).

Check back for updates; I'll try to get this blog updated with pictures of the "moving" and "unloading" stages. :)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Strawberry Jam Makin'

So I'm supposed to be packing up the house today...but instead I get an idea to prepare meals ahead of time (in hopes that it will help with "moving week") AND make strawberry jam! So, off to the grocery 11 am, I had 10 "jars" of strawberry jam made, and enough lunches & suppers prepared for the entire next week (oh, can't forget this part: AND the kitchen completed cleaned up!) Whew! Oh, the things you can get accomplished with you are determined. :) About half way through making the meals for next week, however, my hand slipped while trying to cut an onion w/a VERY sharp stitches needed, but that did put a dent in my day...trying to cut, cook, slice, chop, clean up, etc. with one hand isn't as easy as it sounds. But everything's done, so can't complain too much!

And, here I sit...still not packing up the house. Guess I better get to it so the hubby can tell something was done today. :)

Here are some pictures of the strawberry jam makin'! :)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

All in a Day's Work

Just to summarize the last few days:

  • We are set to close on May 21st! :) Now comes the fun part (not!) -- getting all the utilities switched over, address changed, etc. We are so thankful for a good realtor -- she's been very helpful through the whole process and we feel that she's gone above and beyond her duty!
  • We are done w/another semester! Yes! We are done w/finals!!! (can you tell any excitement there?!) Still waiting on grades to be posted. No more school until August!!!
  • We have started packing up the apartment -- (and yes, it looks like a tornado has come through -- I have pictures to prove it...if I'm brave enough, I'll post them later) -- this morning and got quite a bit done. T was called into work at noon, so that slowed me down on the packing. However, we will appreciate the overtime hours on the next paycheck. :)
  • We bought a refrig & mattress for our new home (our apartment now is furnished) -- next up, is a washer & dryer. Then living room furniture...and all the fun decorating stuff. :) Mom has already measured windows to make window treatments (I know some of you can picture this -- we are having the inspection done and at the same time, Mom's in there with a measuring tape getting measurements for the windows!) -- so that is also on our list.
  • We've also had baby showers and baby news in the last few days. Let me clarify that it's not OUR baby news, but we are going to have a baby girl in our meeting later this fall. We are all very excited! Our boys out number our girls right now (hehe). Mom & I also went to Heidi's baby's was a perfect day for a day at the park, eating cake, and munching on fruits & veggies (of course!). I don't know how the momma-to-be felt by the end of the day (probably exhausted!), but it was fun nonetheless!
Well, I better get back to packing and cleaning up this place before the hubby gets home and can't open the front door b/c of boxes in the way (hehe).

More later!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Offer: Accepted!

Finally! :) We are very excited!!

Here's some pics, there will be more to come. We have 10 days for the house to pass inspection and appraisal, and then we are set! Will keep everyone posted on closing date!

*sorry, some of the pictures are blurry, I was rushing to get pictures so we could leave for our hiking trip (pictures of that coming soon also!)*

Front of House
(this is a realtor pic, I didn't take any of the outside yet)

Front of House - Different Angle
(this is a realtor pic, I didn't take any of the outside yet)

Master Bath

Laundry Room outside Kitchen

Hall to Bedrooms/Bathroom

Kitchen w/out the flash (oops!)

Kitchen (w/flash :) )

Guest Bedroom #1

Master Bedroom

Part of the Backyard
(this is a realtor pic, I didn't take any of the outside yet)


Living Room -- wood floors to be installed

Kitchen - cabinets & countertops to be installed in empty spot

Guest Room #2

2nd Bath

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Finally, an update!

Wow, it's been a MONTH since I've posted. Where does the time go??

We are back in school (obviously) and still staying busy with work. It's officially tax season, so I've been working longer hours. Which, by the way, is fine w/me b/c I love my job. In other news, Tim made the Dean's list last semester! I'm so proud of him.

Tim just celebrated another birthday! I will post pictures soon. We had dinner w/my parents on Tuesday and then went to the Cheesecake Factory on Thursday. He's been dying for his Grandmother's lemon cake, so I made it today. Hopefully it will taste like hers used to.

We had worker company again a few weeks ago. So nice to have Charles & Bob, even if it was just for supper. :) We will miss Charles but are looking forward to having Richard back.

I had girls' lunch w/Mom, Cindy, & Britta the other day. And of course, Liam. :) He's such a sweet baby. :)

We are starting to plan a vacation for our 1st anniversary in June - any ideas?!?

Can't think of much else that's been happening here. More later! Look back for pictures soon.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone a happy and safe New Year! T & I are off for New Years' Day so we are headed south to visit K & B! :) We haven't seen them since September, so we are very excited! I imagine there will be lots of games and wedding planning going on! :)